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Yes - there are many benefits to grooming your dog. Regular brushing ensures a healthy coat, promoting growth and good blood circulation. Bathing will reduce the amount of grease and dirt in the coat, which in turn helps to prevent blocked pores that can cause spots and even sebaceous cysts.


There are benefits to you too! Spending time grooming your dog at home, allows you the opportunity to check your dog over for any changes in condition, that may require veterinary attention. It will also help you to develop the bond that is so special, between dog and human. If you start when your dog is a pup, it will help them get used to the procedure early on, making the process easier for the rest of their lives. In the right circumstances, grooming can actually reduce stress in both you and your dog.


Edwards Pet Spa, Dog Grooming, Hever, Kent

Regular brushing is essential to avoid nasty tangles in a longer coated dog. Matts can be caused by any number of things. When a matt forms, it can contain topcoat, undercoat, dirt, parasites – just about anything, and it will keep growing if not brushed out. As mentioned on my ‘MATTED DOG’ page, when matts grow, they get tighter, pulling on the dog’s skin. This is painful and can cause sores and hair loss. Skin irritation can result from dirt, dander and parasites trapped underneath the matted hair and it is not uncommon to find pre-existing conditions such as hot spots, sores and other skin issues, once the matt is removed.

In severe cases, maggots can infest skin sores and you wouldn’t know, because the matt covers the affected area. If you have a dog that needs trimming, aiming to have this done by a professional, every 4 – 8 weeks is a really great idea, not only to keep your dog looking neat and tidy, but also to reduce the likelihood of matts developing.


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